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I observed something terrible during the funeral of the late Asafoatse Inna Martei. I would like to ask Nii kwao Botwe and Gbetsoolor Nii Ashite Akomfra lll a question for leaning and teaching purposes. 


Is Teshie Mantse not the commander in chief of the Asafoatseme? Is the War flags not the power of the Mantse and when the flags is brought out what does it mean or tells the Mantse Asafoatseme and Asafobii ? Also when tinkon is beating what does it mean to everyone in our community including the Majiatseme. Gá Kusum tsiii ni eyefeo jogbaa. Kusum gboo. Let us not used Chieftaincy to destroy our heritage that our ancestors left for us.


During the funeral of late Babylon the war flag led the coffin to the veroius clans house in Teshie for them to pay their last respect before his departure to the royal mausoleum. They went to few clan houses and water and drink were offered for a safe journey or farewell as traditional demands. When they got to Teshie Mantse palace No one came out to pay the last respect to the war flag and the body of Asafoatse Innna Martei Mi jina Nkwanta who had fought a great battle for Teshieman.


I know very well and all Teshieman can bare me witness that Babylon was one of great Asafoatseme from Teshi who fought the Akle Sangonaa battle between Teshie and Nungua in the nineties.


We know how many Teshieme lost their life during that fight. So how can someone who lay-down his life to defend his town be treated that way by the Mantse of the same town? I need an answer from Nii Kwao Botwe and Nii Gbetsoolor. Because I saw people in the palace.  I am still Lawe Bi no room for corruption.

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