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We the Youth of Gomoa Dominase in the Gomoa East constituency of the Central region are calling on the President His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo to as matter of urgency call the District Chief Executive of Gomoa East Hon .Solomon Quam and the member of parliament Hon Kojo Asomaning to order.


Mr. President,our DCE in conjunction with the Member of parliament have decided to blacklist Gomoa Dominase from the share of the National cake depriving us from what is due us.


Mr President as you mentioned to us last to citizens not spectators, We the youth of Gomoa Dominase would like to draw your attention on some activities by the duo which need to be brought to your attention.


Mr.President ,friends of the media, to

touch on few awkward activities by the our MP and Dce,


Firstly, the chiefs and people of Gomoa Dominase have offer 8 acres of demarcated and registered for the construction of a district assembly office complex but the assembly have neglected this offer but rather ,seized the Potin JHS park and slated for the construction of an office complex.


The JHS students will be compelled to join the primary section which will distract teaching and learning.


Secondly, friends of the media, the first President of Ghana Dr.Kwame Nkrumah built an Area council which is available for official purposes but the DCE choose to rent at a cost of about 75,000 a month which we a think it is subject to wilfully causing financial lost to the state hence the DCE should be probed.


Friends of the Media to add up , Our Chiefs and elders have made provisions for well furnished apartment to accommodate the DCE also Chiefs and elders have provided extra buildings which can be used as offices by all the official works but all these have been rejected by the DCE only for him to waste tax payers money on renting of an office.


Ladies and gentlemen of the press, there is a Building which was used for the storage of Cocoa, this same building can be converted into a warehouse for the Gomoa East Municipal Assembly but it has been neglected and items are been left at the mercy of dust, sun and rains .


We the youth of Gomoa Dominase are pleading to the Prrsident through your noble platforms to ask the DCE and MP to use the available facilities and save the monies for other developmental projects .


Thank you

Happy New Year


Signed Concern Youth of Gomoa Dominase.


Attached are pictures of the available facilities.


Patrick Abeka …. 0244711548. Kwame Abass …. 0245150440. Abdullai Arthur …. 0241378050. Isaac Nyame …. 0244377894

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