Dr. Hassan Ayariga writes: CORONA VIRUS: 

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Ghanaians are living in sorrow without a decisive leadership and role at the moment to Protect the Lives of the Citizens.


Ghana yesterday confirm its first case of Novel CoronaVirus. (Covid 19)



We expect our government to roll out intensive measures and proper education at various places, markets places, lorry stations, Airports, harbors mosques, churches, schools, Hospitals and border areas to protect our citizens.


Government should constitute various teams and deploy them to various constituencies and communities to do proper sensitization of the deadly Virus, not every GHANAIAN is previewed to Radio and Television sensitization.


We also expect our government to ban all affected countries from entering our country. All schools and public institutions should be given proper Education and equipments to protect themselves, if necessary closedown some schools for some weeks.


Market women and men should be educated on the challenges of handling money, it is a means of exchange, and it can also be a factor of transmitting the virus


We are calling on Government to do proper investigation of the two affected people and also help check and screen all their families and friends including co workers to help give immediate attention and treatment. We are all at stake, May the Good Lord Protect and defend our country and it’s citizens.

It’s our call and not government Alone.


Let’s fight it together and educate our children and families.


Thank you


Dr. Hassan Ayariga

APC Leader/Founder

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