🙏🏾🌲MONDAY, 9TH MARCH, 2020🙏🏾🌲.       PROVERBS IN SERIES.       (PROVERBS 27:24). FOR RICHES ARE NOT FOR EVER: AND DOES THE CROWN ENDURE TO EVERY GENERATION?                                                             .    PART ONE OF TWO PARTS 

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cure is your income? Your job? God and Solomon said your finances are shaky. They said your career is shaky. There are forces at work to take away your investments and savings, remove you from your profession, and leave you without income. It is a risk and threat that even rich, strong kings have faced and lost. This proverb is for your safety.


Wise men constantly assess the changing marketplace and prepare as well as possible for the future. Prudent men seek transferable skills for themselves and their sons that will always be needed and able to provide a living. God is ultimately in charge of the future, but He expects you to use the means and warnings He gives to protect yourself.


Solomon taught diligent care about your financial livelihood (Prov 27:23). Why? Rich men do not keep their wealth forever, and even kings lose their authority and rule. How much more are your financial wealth and means at risk? God expects His children to be diligent in business for good reasons (Rom 12:11; Eph 4:28; I Thes 4:11-12; Titus 2:9-10).


Riches are not for ever. The rich men of yesterday are not those of today, and the rich of today will not be tomorrow. Riches fly away (Prov 23:4-5). Where is Persia’s wealth today? The whole region is in poverty compared to its storied past. The Rothschilds once ruled Europe financially, but that banking family has been on the decline for 150 years.


Plantations once made men wealthy. But mechanization reduced profits until owning a factory brought riches. But labor unions, foreign labor, and a service industry transferred wealth again. And today, the information age has done it yet again. What was lucrative yesterday is today’s loser. You must have a transferable skill and secure your future.


Does the crown endure to every generation? No! The greatest monarchs lost their thrones to enemies, death, or an heir’s folly. Rehoboam lost 10 of Israel’s 12 tribes when Solomon died! Where is Alexander the Great’s dynasty? His crown did not endure long at all. He died at 33, his heirs were killed, and his generals divided his empire four ways.


Charles I of England lost his crown and head to Parliament, and Louis XVI of France lost both to the French Revolution. Nicholas II was the last of the Romanovs, who had ruled Russia for 300 years. His life and reign also ended abruptly. In Ghana, our first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah  was forcefully removed from office before the end of his constitutional mandated and his family scattered. These men lost their crowns, though they had the authority and power of a King. Your position is even more at risk.


Joseph Kennedy dreamed of an American political dynasty. But where is that family today? Assassinations and accidents have destroyed them. A future that appeared very bright in 1960 had evaporated by 2000. The crown does not endure to every generation. Your financial and professional standing are under threat right now. What will you do?


What is the lesson? Riches and position do not endure, so you must carefully secure your livelihood (Prov 27:23). Solomon gave this advice to his son, which means you need it more. If you are not careful, you could wake up tomorrow and be without assets, income, or both. Prudent men identify a transferable skill and manage it for financial security.


What is a transferable skill? First, it is a skill. It is expertise in a needed field that others will gladly pay for. It separates you from others. This is getting a life before a wife (Prov 24:27). Wise men pick professions that cannot be taken by immigrant labour, outsourcing to other nations, or machines. They know education or training are worth it, because each dollar or day invested reduces competitors. They seek certification as high as possible.


LET US PRAY FOR DIVINE WISDOM IN THE MANAGEMENT OF RICHES AND POSITIONS KNOWING THAT THEY ARE TEMPORARY IN JESUS’MIGHTY NAME, SAY AMEN!                             For comments and suggestions please contact us via: WhatsApp:0243155066   Email: asaakuurkarbo1@gmail.com. SHALOM PEACE ❣️

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